Lisa González has been passionate about supporting entrepreneurial leaders and their teams since she was a young adult. Lisa grew up in an entrepreneurial family that was pursuing the American Dream in southern California. She often jumped in to help their many businesses run more efficiently. Lisa graduated from UCLA and attended law school at University of Texas – Austin. After practicing law for several years in Denver, Colorado, she missed the world of entrepreneurs and joined the operations team at a start-up residential remodel firm that was expanding to multiple locations in the US.

After years of using various tools to improve operations with varying success, she implemented EOS ® and it made all the difference. The start-up grew in revenue, generated consistent profits, documented and simplified its processes, and developed a leadership team that was healthy and happy in their personal lives.

This deep-dive into the EOS method to strengthen a company’s process component will help leaders at all companies—from early stage startups to established corporations—run better businesses and live better lives. Her book is available here.

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