Modern moms are all too often plagued by exhaustion, failure, isolation, self-doubt, and a general lack of self-love. Moms are amazing. Most of them do more things behind the scenes their children don’t even realize until they go on to have children. Even then, it’s hard to comprehend how a woman, a mother, can just

As we prepare our kids to head back to the classroom, many of us are shopping and getting the kids back on a routine, but we need to consider preparing our kids mentally for back to school. Best-selling author and child psychologist, Dr. Sheryl Ziegler says we also need to mentally prepare our kids. Our

Diaries aren’t just a place for tweens to confess their crushes. They are also a valuable tool in helping all kids develop emotional and mental well-being.


A CDC survey found more than half of teens reported emotional abuse at home during the pandemic. Dr. Sheryl Ziegler explains what parents can do to help.


While many people are ready to celebrate the end of pandemic restrictions, it can be anxiety-inducing for others. Dr. Sheryl Ziegler has advice for this transition.


Goal Setting Over the past few weeks more and more people that I work with are sharing that they are ready for 2021 to be over yet they are dreading that 2022 will bring more pandemic uncertainty. With so much feeling out of our control, I think this year, maybe more than ever, is a

Impactful Ways To Practice Gratitude This Holiday Season This holiday season is a great time to teach children how to be thankful. There are simple, daily practices that you can show and share in your home that can model for your children traits of gratitude, empathy and kindness. The research shows that children who are

How Do I Help My Perfectionist Child? Over the past month there are two age categories of kids that I have been seeing that are on stress overload…eighth and twelfth graders! Some 8th graders are applying to schools of choice. That may be public schools of choice out of their district, charter schools, performing arts

How To Teach Kids To Learn To Listen If I had to share one of the most common questions that I get about parenting it is, “How do I get my kids to listen?” That is followed by struggles around creating consequences outside of taking screen time away. This week I was inspired by reviewing

What is FOMO? Over the past week many parents have been paying attention to the testimony on Capitol Hill that accuses Facebook and Instagram leaders of knowing that their social media platforms were detrimental to the mental health and wellbeing of children and teens but concealed their own research findings. This is something that for

The last time I wrote a session note for this blog/newsletter was in May so I am happy to be back and sharing with you what I am seeing on my private practice couch so that we can all learn together. This month I am seeing lots of teens under pressure! Whether it’s because of

Over the past month it has become clear to me in my practice that people are experiencing different forms of fatigue. Social, emotional, and physical exhaustion which has been chronic this past year all amount to mental fatigue. I see this in children, teens and adults. Not too many people can escape it. So, today