Start With The Talk®️

A mother-daughter course on the social, emotional and physical changes of puberty

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A Mother's Dilemma

The scariest part of being a parent to a preteen daughter is feeling like you’re losing connection with her. 

She’s growing up fast

She’s becoming more independent

She’s confiding with me less

She’s arguing with me more

These thoughts keep us up at night, with questions & doubts racing in our minds. 

Why won’t she listen to me anymore?

Am I being too controlling?

Am I not doing enough? / Am I failing as a parent?

Should I take away her phone?

All of this happens so fast & so suddenly. It’s overwhelming. Especially when all you want is to raise your daughter the best way you can. 

That’s where the Start With The Talk Course comes in.

Start With The Talk is a carefully-crafted class, developed by Dr. Sheryl Ziegler from her 20+ years of working with families in her private practice. It’s the guide to all you need to know, and all the answers you need to hear.

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Course Content

Module 1

Physical Changes: What You Need To Know About Puberty

  • What physical changes to expect
  • How to best manage the growth in your body
  • How to best care for your changing body: Best practices for female hygiene

Module 2

Emotional Changes: How You Can Support Your Daughter

  • Why the emotional storms seem so strong, & how to navigate through them without all the drama
  • The tough choices that sometimes comes with all the social changes puberty brings.
  • Friends, family, social media, siblings - Specific techniques you can implement immediately
  • Sensitive and common questions heard throughout the years in teaching

Support beyond the course

a community of parents

  • Private FB Group
  • Bonus Q&A straight from the girls and parents taught to throughout the years
  • Dr. Sheryl Ziegler’s tips for getting the most out of the course

"This class was such a blessing and special

way to teach my daughter about what she will experience over the next several years. We had 'the Talk' with a couple of her best friends and mothers. It was such a lovely time to watch the videos in a safe environment where the girls felt comfortable asking questions, and the mothers shared their experiences.

"Sheryl covers everything beautifully

and given her outstanding reputation she presents comprehensive material in the perfect way."

"Thank you Sheryl 

for giving me such a wonderful bonding experience with my daughter, and for making this course available - I look forward to repeating in a few years with my younger daughter! I highly recommend to anyone with a daughter of this age!” "

Developing The Course

I have taught this class, Start with the Talk, since 2013 to hundreds of girls and their parents, and I've had the great privilege to be a part of a growing community of families doing their best to raise their daughters.

I get sweet letters years later about young girls transformed into more confident, strong, empowered young women. And I would like to help your family now, too.

It all started with my friend Kim who came back from a year in San Francisco and told me about a mother-daughter class that she took there. Once she started telling me about what they learned about I thought to myself, this is what I am talking about with middle school girls every week! In my sessions, it felt like such private conversations, often filled with questions about their periods, arguments with parents, feeling moody, crying for no reason and friendships issues.

Kim's experience sparked an idea for me to formally create a in person class that would be based upon what the girls are privately talking with me about. I figured out that girls want to learn about about the physical, emotional and social issues that happen between about 4th-8th grade.

I am grateful that the class has been a huge success! I have collected years of feedback and questions while carrying out the teachings. 

- Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

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