How Do I Help My Perfectionist Child? Over the past month there are two age categories of kids that I have been seeing that are on stress overload…eighth and twelfth graders! Some 8th graders are applying to schools of choice. That may be public schools of choice out of their district, charter schools, performing arts

How To Teach Kids To Learn To Listen If I had to share one of the most common questions that I get about parenting it is, “How do I get my kids to listen?” That is followed by struggles around creating consequences outside of taking screen time away. This week I was inspired by reviewing

What is FOMO? Over the past week many parents have been paying attention to the testimony on Capitol Hill that accuses Facebook and Instagram leaders of knowing that their social media platforms were detrimental to the mental health and wellbeing of children and teens but concealed their own research findings. This is something that for

The last time I wrote a session note for this blog/newsletter was in May so I am happy to be back and sharing with you what I am seeing on my private practice couch so that we can all learn together. This month I am seeing lots of teens under pressure! Whether it’s because of

Over the past month it has become clear to me in my practice that people are experiencing different forms of fatigue. Social, emotional, and physical exhaustion which has been chronic this past year all amount to mental fatigue. I see this in children, teens and adults. Not too many people can escape it. So, today

As the past two weeks have unfolded our country has endured two mass shootings. In the latest shooting in Boulder, Colorado, there were children and parents simply grocery shopping in the middle of the day. Just doing what we all do on a weekly basis. Doing the one thing we can still do while in

Ideas & Interventions That Work It has been a while since I have written. I have been very busy treating kids and teens, working with families and speaking to groups all over the world. When I thought to write I would feel a sense of overwhelm as I questioned where I would even begin. This

Kindness Counts Last week I was being interviewed by the great Eve Rodsky on pandemic parenting. Toward the end of our conversation Eve asked, “To you, what is the opposite of fear?” I thought about it for a second and then just said what came to mind which was “taking action.” When we are in fear, it

The Elephant In The Room I often hear parents struggle with how to explain what is happening with their child to grandparents, neighbors, teachers and friends. October is ADHD awareness month so this month I decided I would discuss a different angle of ADHD- explaining it to others. I also had the pleasure to interview

It Starts With Community The last month has been filled with reminders to vote, the grief around of the passing of Justice Ginsberg, activism around racial injustice, the ongoing pandemic, wildfires and of course the impending presidential election. Some people believe this upcoming election is one of the most important in history. I have been

Anxiety It seems that the psychological term anxiety is a state of being that many people are realizing affects them in different ways. Whether it’s because we are in a global pandemic, or that schools are teaching remotely or that there is civil unrest, most people are somehow affected by this leading condition in our

Are the kids going to be okay?Simply put, I get asked this question a lot and the answer is…”it depends.” Factors that affect a child’s resiliency to come out of this pandemic doing okay include their mental health before the pandemic, their social connection, access to regulated adults, amount of time they exercise and get