Start With The Talk- Raising Girls In A Healthy, Positive Way

We are here to help preteens, teens and their families learn about what’s going on with their bodies, sexuality, decision making and what growing up is all about in a positive, safe and fun environment.

We provide a warm and comforting space where, together, kids and parents can listen to and ask about growing up and all that comes along with it!

What the Moms Have to Say!

“You covered the topics beautifully in an age appropriate way- thank you!”

“I loved the self esteem part, it was so empowering. Thank you for helping start the conversation!”

“Terrific seminar- thank you! It was a great start to conversations that will hopefully go on for years…”

What the Girls Have to Say!

“The class that I took told me a lot about what I will be going through and what happens when you become a teenager. I also think it made my mother’s and I better friends. We are stronger, and now I won’t be scared having to go through having my period and won’t feel uncomfortable trying to tell my mom. Now we have our own “little secret code” to let her know I had my first, you know what. After that I felt like a totally different person, but in a great way.”

– Parker D. | Age 10

“I learned that many things that I thought were different were normal, thank you!” I was scared to come today but you made it not so scary, it was actually fun and I learned a lot!”

“One thing I learned today was that I don’t have to try to impress people…”

“I learned that social media can break your self esteem. I most enjoyed how much I learned about friendship and my changing body.”