Dr. Sheryl Ziegler in the News

Katie Couric Interview

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler was featured on the Katie Couric Show as a result of being quoted in a Denver Post article that ran about the Legalization of Marijuana. WATCH HERE

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Later school start times

Elementary School will start an hour earlier this year, middle and high schools are getting pushed back.  Dr. Sheryl G. Ziegler explains how the later start times could affect your kids.

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Ways to save your relationship with your teen

With four kids ages 12 to 15, Melanie Veliz is a busy woman. “It’s very challenging,” she said. But, she always tries to find the time to talk to her kids, and to really listen to them. “That’s the main thing, is them understanding that you care, and that you want to know what is…