How To Address The Top 3 Challenges Of Being A Career Mom

Career moms: you just woke up and you’re already tired, behind, and out of time.


You feel me??


This morning my alarm went off at 5:15 a.m.

Those lovely chimes coming from my phone didn’t exactly spring me out of bed. Not only was I up late the night before, but my four-year-old woke me up at 3 a.m. asking for help finding his flip-flops.


….and trust me, there are a lot of challenges you face every day!


I narrowed down the list to only the TOP 3 career-mom challenges.


This article explains everything you need to know — and nothing you don’t — about how to address them. After all, efficiency is how we play the game, isn’t it?


#1 Sleep Deprivation


The quality of sleep that career moms get is typically a wild card.



➡️ Is this you?

  • Many nights (if not already woken up by a child) you are tossing and turning with worries and to-do lists. Your husband’s snoring keeps you awake. You work late and get up early to cram in all your to-dos.


  • On rare nights you get uninterrupted sleep where no one wakes up with a nightmare, growing pains, or wets the bed.



➡️ What you need to know:

  • Sleep affects your physical health and weight. Career moms are among the top 5 groups of “workers” that suffer from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation leads to obesity, heart disease, impaired memory and irritability… just to name a few concerns.


  • As hard as it is, make sleep a priority. Start the routine of going to bed and waking up at nearly the same time every day.


  • By making sleep a non-negotiable, you will be more creative, more patient, and more energetic. That means you’re ultimately more productive at work and more connected with your kids at home.


Career moms are among the top 5 groups of workers that suffer from sleep deprivation. Let’s change that.


#2 Running Late


Being a career mom means that you’re on your kids’ schedule. They’re not exactly on yours.


➡️ Is this you?

  • On the mornings when you really need to get into the office early, your kids melt down. It seems impossible to remain calm and collected on those days because the stress of making it to a meeting on time takes over. *Cue the yelling and screaming.*


  • You and your children are both power struggling over what to wear, a lost shoe or finishing breakfast.


  • Once you finally speed off cursing at every red light and feeling frazzled, you’re left with a pit in your stomach. You arrive at the meeting, on time or not, and the guilt sets in on how things went that morning. You have to wait all day to reconnect with your kids. When the end of your workday is near, you are late getting home or picking up your kids. You feel like your new normal is running around and barely making it anywhere on time. You’re working all the time yet never fully prepared.


➡️ What you need to know:


First – You are not alone. Running late, yelling, and feeling flustered with a side of guilt is the norm for the average career mom.


  • Second – Being a step ahead of the game is usually a good start. Make lunches and set out backpacks and shoes the night before. Once your children are in school, get them in a routine as young as possible.


  • Third – Teach your kids to make simple yet healthy (enough) breakfast for themselves. You will be amazed at what they can do if simply show them how.


  • Career moms are used to doing it all. *Sigh.* You can only sustain this for so long before you burn out. So ask for help, accept help, and do your best to stay a step ahead of the kids.


#3 No Time For Yourself


Your schedule is booked all day and evening long. You can’t even imagine squeezing in a workout or a long overdue phone call with your best friend across the country.


➡️ Is this you?

  • You start to lose touch with friends, fashion trends or your own health.
  • When you do get a down moment, you are reaching for your phone to check emails or social media.



➡️ What to know:

  • Health and wellness research consistently show that taking care of yourself on a routine basis has enormous benefits.


  • Scrolling Facebook or zoning out to the TV late at night is not self-care. In fact, it can actually raise your stress hormones when you are online which may cause you to eat late at night. Or grab a glass of wine. And it’s all in the name of “unwinding” from the day.


  • Practice setting boundaries all around you. Schedule time to read, walk, or connect with friends. Career moms typically let their needs go first. That’s when the martyr dynamic kicks in because everybody else becomes more important than yourself.


  • Plan a one-hour time period that is devoted to ONLY you. Do this 3 times per week. *Gulp.* Yes, you can do it!


  • Notice how you feel. It may be challenging at first, but after a while I am sure you will notice the benefits. So will your family.



Your ability to take care of yourself benefits you (of course) AND serves as a great model for your kids.


Walking the talk send a powerful message. Your kids will see how you manage stress and emulate that method.  


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