Dr. Sheryl Ziegler in the Press

Porn Stars Are Helping Parents Talk to Kids About Sex

Porn Stars Are Helping Parents Talk to Kids About Sex. One of my first encounters with sex that I can remember happened when I called a hotline my ten-year-old neighbor gave me. I was eight years old and she, I thought, was wise beyond her years. It went like this: Two girlfriends and I holed…

10 Practical Baby Items New Moms Need!

I will never forget the excitement I felt the first time I walked into Buy Buy Baby to register. I will also never forget how quickly I became exhausted and overwhelmed by choices. So here is a short, practical list of important items you will actually use… READ MORE

I Was Blamed for My Infertility

It was NEVER my fault! Today while talking to a friend, they made the comment that it was no wonder why it took me so long to get pregnant—because I had so much fear and anxiety. Wait…what? Did those words really come out of their mouth? I felt rage and hurt all at the same time.…