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Tips For Creating A Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

Tips For Creating A Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

He said he feels like his teenage daughter wants nothing to do with him. She just wants to be in her room.   He’s not alone. He’s actually expressing one of the biggest challenges that all parents experience. That is, watching kids go through different stages of development.   When they’re young, your kids are…

The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Healthy Child

The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Healthy Child

It’s a monster list, and at any given time you might be doing better in certain areas of parenting than others. But as long as you keep these tips in mind (especially #22), you’re already on your way to raising a healthy child.   Let’s start at the top!   #1: Play, Play, Play  …

How to Deal with Motherhood Stress

How To Deal With Motherhood Stress

I wanted to scream at her. No one’s asking you to choose sides!   A recently divorced mom had come into my office and shared this story with me.   Divorced, single, married, or widowed. This story highlights something that rings true for so many mothers. It’s time we state the obvious… Stress in motherhood…

The Only Marriage Advice for Blended Families You'll Ever Need

The Only Marriage Advice For Blended Families You’ll Ever Need

Raise your hand if you’re a parent of a blended family.   There’s a good chance you raised it. Blended families are quickly becoming the new norm in our society. While it’s no f that having a stepfamily creates intense complexities that simply don’t exist in intact families, you don’t have to let these complexities…

Mom and dad holding white baby shirt thinking about parenting advice to ignore

The 8 Pieces of Parenting Advice to IGNORE!

Parenting Advice to Ignore   A pregnant woman is a soft target.   She finds herself on the receiving end of endless parenting advice from other moms.   “Seasoned” moms want to share all the mistakes, tricks, and shortcuts they learned. It makes them feel good and validated.   With so much unsolicited advice, it’s…

Impact of marijuana on kids - your most burning questions about kids and marijuana

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Kids and Marijuana

Our kids are confused about marijuana…   And you can help them make good decisions if you arm yourself with more than livin’ on a prayer. 🤘   In this interview with the Colorado Business Roundtable, you’ll learn:   If the effects on the brain really are what you think they are? The top 6 tips…

TV interview about parenting advice for failure

One of the Best Gifts to Give Your Kid is Failure

We want to raise responsible, well-balanced kids, and failure is a great way of doing it. Failure means teaching kids how to succeed on their own. It’s not just a reframe, it’s the real world. We learn the most from falling down and getting up.

TV interview about healthy kids and later school start times

Good News If You’re Worried About Later School Start Times

Sleep experts recommend that adolescents get up to 11 hours of sleep a night…seems to me that only on weekends is that possible for most teens. Kids are sleeping on the bus and sometimes they’re sleeping in first and second period, too. We have a generation of sleep deprived kids and we have to respond to this problem.