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How Imaginary Friends Work

Many children grow up surrounded and comforted by the love of an imaginary friend. Read more about How imaginary friends work and more insight from Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

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There’s such a thing as post-graduation depression. I know: I had it.

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler weighs in, in Washington Post article “There’s such a thing as post-graduation depression. I know: I had it.” Post-graduation depression, therapists say, is understudied and probably underreported.“Young adulthood isn’t a population that is well studied at all. From a research perspective, it’s hard to categorize them,” said Sheryl Ziegler, a Colorado psychologist…

Teens Really Hate It When Adults Try to Solve Their Problems

Few things fuel teen angst better than a parent who tries, and fails, to act like they get it. After all, everyone involved knows it’s mostly a charade: The teenage brain is such a strange and wild and constantly changing place that, much of the time, even teens don’t… READ MORE

Porn Stars Are Helping Parents Talk to Kids About Sex

Porn Stars Are Helping Parents Talk to Kids About Sex. One of my first encounters with sex that I can remember happened when I called a hotline my ten-year-old neighbor gave me. I was eight years old and she, I thought, was wise beyond her years. It went like this: Two girlfriends and I holed…

Talking With Both Daughters and Sons About Sex

Parents play a key role in shaping sexual decision-making amount adolescents — especially for girls. A 2016 review of more than three decades of research found that teenagers who communicated with their parents about sex uses safer sexual practics. Likewise… READ MORE

10 Practical Baby Items New Moms Need!

I will never forget the excitement I felt the first time I walked into Buy Buy Baby to register. I will also never forget how quickly I became exhausted and overwhelmed by choices. So here is a short, practical list of important items you will actually use… READ MORE